Open relationships have carried a certain stigma for decades. Yet, in more recent years they have become more accepted and even embraced by many people. More and more couples are turning to open relationships to satisfy their individual needs and desires. Or, share the overwhelming amount of love they have with more than one person. An open relationship is one in which two or more people are in a romantic relationship with the consent of all parties involved.

This can be one partner in a relationship being in a relationship with someone else, or it can be both partners engaging in a relationship with the same or other people. With the increased popularity or interest in open relationships, it can be easy to get caught up in the idea of it all and forget about the practicalities. So, together let’s explore the advantages and disadvantages of open relationships from the perspective of a Couples Therapist in Burbank, CA.

Three people lie together in bed representing an open relationship. Couples Therapy in Burbank, CA can help you navigate the ups and downs of opening your relationship.

Understanding Open Relationships

Before learning the pros and cons, understanding open relationships in their entirety is essential. Being informed and knowing more about the foundations of open relationships can be a powerful tool for making sure that all parties involved are on the same page.

Different Types of Open Relationships

Open relationships come in a variety of styles and types. These include:

  • Polyamory: Multiple ongoing relationships with the knowledge and consent of everyone involved.
  • Monogamish:  A relationship where the partners are primarily monogamous, but allow certain activities outside of the primary relationship.
  • Relationship Anarchy: A type of relationship that doesn’t believe in assigning labels or roles to a relationship.
  • Swinging: A non-monogamous relationship where couples agree to engage in sexual activities with other people.
  • Open: A relationship where both parties are open to engaging in sexual activities with other people, but not necessarily together.

When considering an open relationship, knowing about all of the different types and variations is essential. Being informed can allow you and your partner to make the right decision that is best for your relationship. This way you are both on the same page when it comes to rules, boundaries, and expectations.

Establishing Boundaries and Rules

When entering an open relationship in Burbank, CA, it is important to establish boundaries and rules which you both agree on. This can be anything from the number of outside parties involved, to whether or not emotional relationships are allowed. Setting clear rules and boundaries allows for open communication so that there is no room for confusion, frustration, or disappointment. It also helps to avoid potential arguments, hurt feelings, or confused boundaries.

Importance of Communication and Consent

In any relationship, consent is highly important. It is even more so in open relationships as there may be multiple parties involved. Therefore, communication is extremely important for everyone to understand each other’s thoughts and feelings, and to make sure that all involved agree with the dynamic of the relationship. Consent should never be taken for granted in any relationship, but is especially important in open relationships.

Therefore, it is essential to communicate with each individual involved. This way you can ensure that everyone is aware of the type of relationship they are entering and that they are all comfortable with the arrangement. Having open and honest communication with your partners about what you feel comfortable with and what you are expecting from your relationship can help to make sure that everyone is on the same page.

A woman reads to her two partners representing an open relationship that could benefit from Couples Therapy in Burbank, CA.The Pros of Being in an Open Relationship

Open relationships can be an empowering experience for those who enter them. They allow for exploration, communication, trust, and freedom from societal norms and expectations. These relationships come with many benefits that can enhance your life and provide personal growth and self-awareness.

Enhance Your Emotional and Sexual Exploration

When you’re engaging in an open relationship, you’re able to explore different aspects of yourself emotionally and sexually. You can indulge in different types of love without being confined to one person or one type of relationship. This allows for growth and exploration that can bring a greater sense of understanding to yourself. Not only can you explore what you desire and need sexually, but what you require emotionally from a relationship and a partner.

Improve Communication and Trust

Open relationships require a great deal of communication. Partners have to communicate what they feel comfortable with, how far they are willing to take their relationship, and what type of arrangement works for them. Due to the nature of open relationships, partners must be able to trust one another.

But also understand each other’s needs and desires, and be open to compromise. Leading to improved communication within the relationship which can be beneficial to all parties involved. This improved skill can also transfer to other relationships and interactions that you have.

Freedom from Societal Norms and Expectations

Open relationships can provide freedom from the societal norms of relationships. This can be liberating for those who are involved in the relationship as well as those who observe it. For individuals who are curious and want to explore different types of relationships, an open relationship can be a great way to do so.

Yet without having to adhere to the expectations and norms that society has set. Or individuals who feel that they have more love to give, or do not want to be limited by one partner, can explore these feelings without judgment.

Personal Growth and Self-Awareness

This can also be a great opportunity for personal growth and self-awareness. By being in an open relationship, you are free to explore different types of emotional partners, relationship types, and sexual interests. Not only do you get to explore yourself, but you can also learn more about the other individuals involved in the relationship. This can lead to a greater understanding of yourself and the other parties as well.

A threesome looks out a window with their arms around each other representing the bond that can be formed in an open relationship in Burbank, CA.Navigating the Cons of Open Relationships

Just as there are many pros, there are also some cons to open relationships. This does not apply to every individual, relationship, or situation, but it is important to be aware and consider the potential issues that may arise. It can depend on each partner’s emotional state, how they handle different situations, and how much trust is involved in the relationship.

Jealousy and Insecurity

As in monogamous relationships, open relationships face jealousy and insecurity challenges. When emotions are involved, it can be difficult to navigate through the feelings of jealousy or insecurity that may arise. This is especially true when there are multiple parties involved. This can be due to one partner not having the emotional intelligence or maturity to handle the situation. 

It can also occur if one partner is not being honest about their feelings or motivations. This can be the result of insecurity or a lack of trust. In order to navigate these emotions, it is important to communicate openly and honestly about each other’s feelings.

Complex Emotions and Conflict

When there is more than one partner involved, there are more emotions to consider. This can lead to complex emotions and unexpected conflicts. For example, if one partner feels more strongly for another than the other does, this can cause confusion and hurt feelings. Partners talking openly and honestly about their feelings can help to mitigate these issues and ensure that all partners are being treated with respect. Sitting down and sharing feelings and needs can help partners to come to an understanding.

Societal Stigma and Judgment

As with any non-traditional relationship, open relationships face the stigmas society has and judgment from others. This can be difficult to cope with, but it is important to remember that your relationship is yours. You should not let other people’s views and opinions influence your decisions. It is important to surround yourself with those who accept you and your relationship. Their support can be invaluable in helping you to cope with any judgment or stigma you might receive.

Health and Safety Considerations

As with any sexual encounter, unless it is with one committed partner, health and safety concerns are at the forefront. It is important that all partners use protection when engaging in any sexual activities. This includes conversations about STIs and HIV testing as well as making sure that all partners are honest about their sexual history. 

Also, talking about or considering receiving testing after engaging in sexual activities with new partners is also recommended. This way none of the partners is left in the dark or unaware of their health status. It also shows your consideration for the other partners involved in the relationship which is important for any type of relationship.

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