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My goal is to help you feel more fully seen and heard so that you may also more fully see and hear yourself

A Note From Jessica:

Sometimes in life, we don’t always fully understand or have a grip on what we’re going through. We find ourselves experiencing strong and sometimes strange emotions that we struggle to identify and manage. Sometimes we realize that our responses don’t seem to match or help the situation, and sometimes actually make the situation worse. We feel stuck in the same vicious cycles, regardless of how much we don’t want to engage in them. We’re often just trying to do the best we can to cope and get by without being flooded and overwhelmed.

As a licensed clinical psychologist, this is where I can come in and help. Looking within can be a vulnerable and scary process, but in therapy we can take a look inside together and understand the deeper meaning and sources of your suffering. My goal in therapy is not to find someone to blame, but to understand and appreciate the larger context of who you are, how you became you, and how your struggles developed. My goal is to help you feel more fully seen and heard so that you may also more fully see and hear yourself. Therapy takes time and can be challenging, but I believe that as we work together to integrate the different parts of yourself, you will feel more at ease with a wider range of feelings, have an expanded set of effective coping skills, and overall come to live a more meaningful, connected, and centered life.

I currently provide individual therapy for teens and adults of all ages and from diverse backgrounds. I work with clients who present with a variety of concerns, including but not limited to anxiety, depression, peer and romantic relationship problems, family of origin issues, perfectionism, identity development, cross cultural issues, and the impact of trauma.

I hold a PhD in clinical psychology from Fuller Graduate School of Psychology and completed my APA-accredited internship at the University of Rochester Counseling Center. For my postdoctoral fellowship, I worked at Boston College University Counseling Services, where I received specialized training in providing therapy using a psychodynamic, multicultural, and developmental approach as well as in facilitating support groups for survivors of sexual assault. When not in the therapy room, you can find me baking new recipes, trying different restaurants in LA, and working for hours on jigsaw puzzles.

I believe the therapist-client relationship is the most important agent of change in therapy. Thus I seek to offer a warm, nonjudgmental, open space that facilitates not only curiosity and self-reflection but overall healing and growth. Please reach out if you would like to begin or continue your therapy journey!

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