Therapy for Teens & Parents

These transitional years can be confusing and turbulent for teens and their families.

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Therapy for Teens and Parents

Therapy for Parents

Parents, your job is hard. And parenting a teenager can be… extra hard. They want independence, but you don’t think they’re ready.

Or maybe they seem too dependent and you’re worried you’ll have to evict them from your house someday. Perhaps your teen is behaving in ways you don’t understand or is clearly suffering, and you want to help but don’t know how. Should you use rules and discipline, or warmth and understanding? If both, how do you know which type and when? Reach out to learn how to become more effective and confident in your parenting, and more connected to your teen.

Therapy for Teens

Teens, your job is also hard. You are an individual human being, not just a teen. Please read the “Therapy for Adults” section. But know we understand the unique position you’re in of “in between” and “not yet.” Reach out for some confidential support.

We work with teens who:

  • Feel anxious, depressed, unmotivated, overwhelmed
  • Struggle with issues of self-worth, body image, negative self-talk, perfectionism
  • Have difficulty with social relationships or peer pressures
  • Suffer overwhelming mood swings
  • Are seeking greater understanding and confidence in their identities
  • Need a safe place to talk

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