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Interior Design Firm — a psychotherapy practice for adults, teens, couples, and families.

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Hey, therapists are people too.
We know how overwhelming life can feel.

We are committed to providing therapeutic treatment that is thoughtful and well-informed. Plus we’re pretty nice and easy to talk to.

All of our therapists bring their skills and trained attention to help facilitate the discovery and design of your best, real self. We know that finding a therapist is a deeply personal endeavor. We encourage you to read all of our profiles to get a feeling for who we are.

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Jennifer Flores

LMFT 92351

(818) 322-4901

Meet Jennifer

Jessica Poulsen, PhD

PSY 33753

(818) 699-0907

Meet Jessica

Abigail Olivares

AMFT 133298

(818) 654-4592

Meet Abigail

Joe Stiteler

AMFT 136547

(818) 651-9098

Meet Joe

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