Therapy for Couples

Relationships are easy if you’re with the right person.


In our experience, it’s often a little more complicated than that.

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Therapy for Couples

Therapy Can Help

Over time, acute awareness of all your differences makes connection and communication far less easy and natural than it was at the beginning. You may need help communicating about house chores, time, money, sex, kids, faith, parents, political and ideological differences, and/or the ways you may have hurt and betrayed one another in words and actions.

Whether your current communication pattern is loud & passionate; silent & icy; rational & rambling; avoidant via work, video games, or social media; or some kind of fancy hybrid, we know how to help you get untangled. The softer, more vulnerable feelings and fears are somewhere underneath the unhelpful, hurtful words and standoffs. All of our couples therapists have specialized training in couples work and are skilled at helping you get to the heart of the matter and back on the right track.

Couples Therapy

We work with all couples – married, unmarried, straight, gay, fluid, you name it – who:

  • Avoid talking about difficult subjects that result in unproductive arguments or silent stalemates (usually about sex, money, kids, or outside forces that threaten your connection) 
  • Live like roommates but would rather relate like intimate partners
  • Are struggling managing stress and life transitions
  • Are frustrated with not feeling heard, seen, understood in their relationship
  • Need help navigating co-parenting, separation, or divorce
  • Seek recovery from betrayal in the relationship
  • Want to strengthen their relationship to prevent future pitfalls, because the most effective couples counseling is the preventative kind! We also offer pre-marital assessments and counseling.

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