Therapy for Christians

Christian therapy provides a safe space to process your mental and emotional
health in the presence of someone that honors and respects your faith.

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How Can Christian Therapy Help?

Faith often impacts the deepest and most intimate parts of ourselves. It affects what we value, the way we see the world, the way we treat others, and the decisions we make. It only makes sense then to include such a pivotal aspect of ourselves in the healing work of therapy.

At Interior Design Firm, we believe that Christianity and psychotherapy can not only co-exist, but that they can support one another. We believe in the freedom to bring faith into the process of therapy. We don’t want a fear of judgement or fear of being misunderstood to prevent anyone from seeking the benefits of therapy.

We get that there are a lot of reasons that going to therapy can be scary. One of those reasons might be a fear that your therapist won’t understand how important your faith is to you, won’t be willing to talk about it in a therapeutic space, or will even be openly antagonist towards it. By seeking Christian therapy, you alleviate those fears. You ensure that you will be working with someone that not only understands your faith, but values it as well. You will have the freedom to discuss your faith freely in therapy – wherever you are in your faith journey –  to the degree that feels most helpful to you.

Christian therapy doesn’t mean that you have to talk about your faith in every session – that will be up to you! It just means that you have the freedom to bring all aspects of your faith (the helpful and the not-so-helpful) into the conversation of therapy. We want you to have the peace of mind that you can attend therapy and honor your Christian faith at the same time.

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Why Choose Interior Design Firm for Christian Therapy?

Our therapists are here to honor and support all aspects of yourself, including your religious beliefs. All of our therapists have personal experience  with the Christian faith, which allows them to better understand you and the ways that your faith has shaped you. You will be working with someone that gets  the unique culture of Christianity as well, and how that can sometimes support, but also sometimes hinder, our overall growth.

In addition, several of our therapists completed their master’s degrees at seminaries that include a professional school of psychology. This allowed them to obtain advanced training in the process of integrating the Christian  faith into psychotherapy, and also allowed them to complete theology classes at a seminary level. To learn more about each of our therapists and how they can support you, check out our “About Us” page.

Who Do You Treat?

We treat individuals, couples, adolescents, and parents. We work with all people regardless of religious orientation, but we are uniquely trained to incorporate the Christian faith into the healing work of therapy for those who want it.

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